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  • David Gersh
  • David Gersh President

Over the past 25 years David has built and sold 3 companies with his main focus being on growing each company using cutting edge marketing techniques.

During the last 15 years he has put together an expert team of digital marketers specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords implementation, Social Media marketing as well as marketing Strategists who work together like a well oiled machine and consistently out perform the competition.

David has built a diversified list of clients, with his attention to detail and personal focus on each client, he has helped grow the business over the years with a 90% retention rate. He will do whatever it takes to help each client significantly grow their business whether their budget is large or small he knows that every dollar counts.

  • Leslie Miller

    Leslie Miller

    VP – Business Development

  • Gavin Muirhead

    Gavin Muirhead

    Marketing Strategist

  • Shandi Miller

    Shandi Miller

    Customer Success Manager

  • Dustin Brewer

    Dustin Brewer

    Content Writer

  • Courtney Barkley

    Courtney Barkley

    Blog Writer

  • Chasen Gersh

    Chasen Gersh

    Google Ads Specialist

  • Bobby Richardson

    Bobby Richardson

    Google Ads Specialist

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